Lafayette Memorial Park, Holy Mary Mother of God, Cemetery & Mausoleum

Lafayette Memorial Park • 2111 W. Pinhook Rd. • Lafayette, LA 70508 • p: 337.235.3062
Holy Mary Mother of God Cemetery • 3111 Johnston St. • Lafayette, LA 70503 • p: 337.235.0408


Q: My loved one plans to be cremated. Am I allowed to spread these remains over a gravesite?

A. No, it is against our rules and regulations at Lafayette Memorial Park Cemetery to spread the cremated remains on a burial lot. Cremated remains may be interred in a ground lot. Contact Lafayette Memorial Park Cemetery for details.

Q: Are we allowed to place items around gravesite and marker?

A. Yes. As long as items are placed on top of the marker, items that are placed around the marker interfere with our workers and may be subject to removal.

Q: What is perpetual care?

A: Perpetual Care is the overall and general maintenance of the cemetery. This includes grass cutting, trimming, leaf removal, and basic trash disposal. Perpetual Care does not include coverage of damage or theft of decorations, planting or memorials, shrubbery removal, repairing foundations (with exceptions) or personal requests.

Q: Why do you require a burial vault?

A: Vaults are outer burial containers that are required by Lafayette Memorial Park Cemetery for the purpose of maintaining the integrity of the burial and to keep the ground level and avoid from collapsing.





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