Lafayette Memorial Park, Holy Mary Mother of God, Cemetery & Mausoleum

Lafayette Memorial Park • 2111 W. Pinhook Rd. • Lafayette, LA 70508 • p: 337.235.3062
Holy Mary Mother of God Cemetery • 3111 Johnston St. • Lafayette, LA 70503 • p: 337.235.0408


Flower placement program: We offer a wide variety of flower arrangements in our office. These flower arrangements feature the stay-in-the-vase design. A variety of price ranges are available depending on the arrangement size.

Anti-Theft Permanent Vase Attachment: We can permanently attach the vase to the marker to prevent theft. Contact our office for further assistance.

Eternal lights and candles are available.

Replacement vases can be purchased for lost or stolen vases.

Bronze Marker Refurbishing for older markers to look like new.

Seasonal: American Flags

Spare Keys for Mausoleum





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