• Glass Front Niche Large

Our highly crafted and expertly engineered columbarium system and glassfront niches bring an uplifting and final resting place for urn kept cremated remains featuring:

  • Climate Friendly Visitation and Services
  • Well Lit Recessed Space for Displaying Detail
  • Popular Choice for Remembrance & Internment

Personalize your loved one’s Glassfront Niche with tributes to their interests, hobbies, associations, and personality.

Create a tribute to your loved ones with glassfront niches
Glassfront Niches are a unique way to memorialize your loved one

Glassfront Niches are a beautiful and permanent viewing space for urn kept ashes.

  • Regular visitation
  • Ease your family’s loss
  • Magnificent resting place
  • Beneficial flower program
  • Remembrance ceremony

Limited space is available.

Cremated ashes in a glassfront niche
Glassfront Niches are located inside the Lafayette Memorial Park mausoleum
An urn is displayed in a glassfront niche with a photo and mementos to commemorate a loved one.